We would like to celebrating Easter by sharing our latest Bunny Crochet Pattern with all of you! I’m sure many of you would know this lovely rabbit. Yes, she is none other than Lil’ Melody! Lil’ Melody is approximately 23cm x 10cm and she makes a good crochet project for your long Easter…

Hi everyone. Things are always tough for most people, and I’m not the exception. To make some money to help out around the house, I’m trying to sell some cup cozies. These fit Starbucks cups and other similar sized cups. I am selling them for $6 shipped ($4 each additional cozy).

I can also make a can cozy for $7 shipped ($5 each additional). This fit the standard aluminum cans.

The colors I have right now are listed. Let me know what you want and I can make it for you.

I’m willing to sell outside the US but email me first so we can talk about shipping.

Any questions, and/or if your interested email me at

Payment would be made through PayPal and I would invoice you first.

Thank you :)

crazypunlady asked:

Gosh back in 6th grade i learned how to crochet, I stopped probably I'm 8th grade and I would love to learn and pick it back up again.

I hope you do pick it up again. It’s a nice feeling to set your mind to do something and accomplishing it :)

I do not own, nor have proper credits for the second picture shown. I was simply given that picture of the beautiful scarf
to see if I could make one. I have no pattern for it, so i created my own. I love the square so much that I might make a granny-square style blanket with it. What do y’all think? I want to keep the grey and black, but use a few different colors other than magenta.